Cheese Pairing

Pairing Notes

The 1 year aged cheddar pairs well with a Chardonnay. Chardonnay is a dry, medium-bodied white wine with apple and pear notes, which makes it fruity but still crisp. These attributes of the wine help enhance the characteristics of these mild cheeses, particularly the creaminess and the sweetness. It is common for Chardonnay to be aged for a time in oak barrels.

This treatment gives the resulting wine more body and a richer mouthfeel. The oak also imparts a soft vanilla and baking spice aromas, enhancing those orchard fruit flavours with a hint of sweet spice. Underneath all of this delicious fruit, there is a distinct, buttery character to Chardonnay attributed to the winemaking process.

This buttery flavour plays beautifully with the salty smooth 1-year cheddar. Choose a rich Chardonnay (like those from California) and explore the exciting combination of apples, vanilla, butter and cheddar. Have you ever tried apple pie with cheddar cheese? It is a surprising but addictive pairing!