Black River Cheese

Dill Mozzarella

There is nothing quite like the flavour of fine artisan mozzarella fused with another favourite herb - dill. BLACK RIVER CHEESE COMPANY LTD.'s Dill Mozzarella makes for a delightful twist on a variety of traditional dishes.

Sliced and served with crackers, it makes for a flavourful appetizer and a amazing cheese sauce for many of your favourite seafood and fish entrées.  Make smoked salmon pasta oriecchiette using our Dill Mozzarella for a tantalizing pasta dish or add a new flavour to your repetoire of fried mozzarella sticks!

No matter which way you serve it, our Dill Mozzarella is a great choice when you are looking for a unique cheese which will have your family and guests thanking you for the new taste experience.

Gay Lea From the Farm

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