Classic Cheddars

Our classic line of artisan cheddar ranges from Fresh to Old. Aged from one day to 12 months depending on whether it is Fresh or Old cheddar, each of these classic types of cheddar offer an increasing level of tang or sharpness. Made from 100% pure pasteurized milk, this group of cheddars is the most complimentary to a variety of palates.

Naturally Aged Cheddars

Our aging process dates back to how cheese was aged more than a century ago with no artificial preservatives. As the cheese undergoes the aging process, it becomes sharper and sharper. Our aged cheddars are recognized for their very distinctive and smooth taste with just the right amount of "tang" per year.

Flavoured Cheddars

At Black River Cheese Company Ltd. it is all about "tickling" your taste buds when it comes to our selection of fine artisan cheese. Five very special cheddars - our renowned Maple Cheddar; our Garlic & Pepper Cheddar, our Cheddar with Honey, and our Goat Cheddar—are definitely "taste" highlights and a "must try" taste experience.

Fresh Curds

Renowned for its "squeak” against the teeth, it is used in the traditional French Canadian dish "Poutine”, where the curd is laid over French fries and then smothered with a rich, creamy gravy. Our variety of flavours will simply blow you away!

Classic Mozzarellas

Over the years, Black River Cheese Company Ltd. has diversified its cheese production and today offers a fine selection of American style mozzarella that you can use for a variety of dishes, appetizers and more.  

Flavoured Mozzarellas

Our selection of herb mozzarella offers you the opportunity to enjoy classic herb favourites such as dill, garlic, and onion & parsley in a unique blend with our fine artisan mozzarella. For those cheese lovers who love things on the hotter, spicier side of the taste spectrum, then our selection of spice mozzarellas is the perfect choice.

Specialty Cheese

Although we are renowned for our cheddars and mozzarella, we have recently created several exciting new types of cheese. There's something for everyone here, from hot and spicy to creamy and sophisticated.

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