For those cheese lovers who love things on the hotter, spicier side of the taste spectrum, then our selection of spice mozzarellas is the perfect choice to "tickle" your taste buds.  Whether you prefer to enjoy them as a snack or in a sandwich, remember that these four spicy mozzarellas will definitely liven any traditional casserole or main entrée. Imagination never tasted so good!

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Black River Cheese Hot Pepper Mozzarella



BLACK RIVER CHEESE COMPANY LTD.'s Hot Pepper Mozzarella will spice up any party!  Blended with the finest quality hot chili peppers, this is one smooth cheese that will make your taste buds "sizzle" ... perfect for those who are not afraid of a little "heat".  

Slice it. Grate it. Cube it. Have fun with it! Toss it onto any pizza and see how it adds that extra "zing".  For those who love Tex Mex, top off a great bowl of chili with a sprinkling or put a bit of "kick" into your tacos like Tacos Carne Asada. Liven up any salad or appetizer with our Hot Pepper Mozzarella.  Better yet!  Melt it over your nachos to add that touch of pizzazz any party deserves!  

 This is one "hot" cheese which is ready to jazz up your life and tickle your taste buds!

Black River Cheese Jalapeno Mozzarella




BLACK RIVER CHEESE COMPANY LTD.'s Jalapeno Mozzarella is for those who love a little "heat" in their cheese along with a little tang.  With its light, creamy undertone and hot, spicy overtone, this is one cheese that will please the most discerning cheese lover.

Whether it's Italian, Tex-Mex or some other  tasty international style dish, it is a great cheese for entertaining when you want to spice things up such as tossing on pizzas, nachos or melted in chimichangas.  From haute cuisine entrées to basic sandwiches, it is one great specialty cheese that will enhance any dish. Make Julienne slices and toss into a ham and lettuce wrap and hear the rave reviews.  

Remember to spice up the mundane and make it spectacular using our Jalapeno Mozzarella! Olé! 

Black River Cheese Pepper Jack




BLACK RIVER CHEESE COMPANY LTD.'s Pepper Jack Cheese adds that "extra special touch" to any meal or party snack.

Using only the finest hot chili peppers, this is one smooth cheese that actually has a bit of a "bite".  It's HOT! It's Spicy! It's just what you need to to turn the "ordinary" into the "extraordinary". 

Whether you slice it or grated it,our Pepper Jack will go the full  measure of the mile when it comes to spicing up an everyday meal.  

Add a couple of slices to your ham sandwich, make an amazing hot cheese dip for your rolled chicken tacos, toss it onto a pizza or even put some extra "zing" to your next cheese casserole or gourmet burger!

Take home some of our spicy Pepper Jack today and discover its  delightful hot, spicy flavour.  The possibilities are simply endless!

Black River Cheese Salsa Mozzarella



When it comes to those classic Italian and Tex-Mex dishes,BLACK RIVER CHEESE COMPANY LTD.'s Salsa Mozzarella adds a zesty touch of flavour. In fact, this great tasting cheese is quickly becoming that new "secret ingredient" in many family snacks, salads and meals.

It all comes down to craftsmanship. We take great pride in blending premium salsa ingredients with our creamy mozzarella to make this delicious cheese that has a spicy but smooth savoury flavour which delights the palate.

When it comes to cheese and crackers, its a step over to the "wild" side. Try our Salsa Mozzarella for that extra flavour when it   comes to a pasta salad tossed with grape tomatoes, black olives.  Better yet!  Be innovative!  It's time to spice things up with our Salsa Mozzarella.   The possibilities are endless to what you exciting dishes you can create with this great tasting cheese!