Although we are renowned for our cheddars and mozzarella, we have recently created several exciting new types of cheese. There's something for everyone here, from hot and spicy to creamy and sophisticated.

Black River Cheese Edwardsburg


When it comes to originality, there is nothing quite like our fine artisan cheese - Edwardsburg.

This cheese is unique unto itself. A semi-hard cheese that is smooth to the touch, Edwardsburg almost seems to melt in your mouth. Its rich, creamy texture and delicious buttery flavour sets the taste buds alight with a multitude of sensations. If you're familiar with Muenster, then you will already understand the wonderful taste of Edwardsburgh since they are related!

When entertaining, Edwardsburg is a superb cheese to pair with a variety of wines as its light but subtly rich flavour works well with wines ranging from Rieslings to Gamays and even fine Merlots. Edwardsburg is also perfect for a cheese fondu when you are looking to please a variety of palates. It is a great topping for pizzas, gourmet sandwiches and more. With its rich, buttery cream flavour, it makes for a delicious cheese sauce whether it is for a fine Italian dish or as an accompaniment to a bowl of steamed veggies.


Different that some of our other cheeses that are "hot", this cheese has smokiness from the Chipotle and some heat, but not too much, from the Habenero chillies. Perfect with South American food or to spice up an otherwise ordinary dish.

200g, made with animal-free rennet.




Creamy, light yet hot! If you like your mouth to tingle, this cheese is for you!

200g, made with animal-free rennet.




Perfect for shaving over Italian inspired dishes.

200g, made with animal-free rennet (but contains lipase - not suitable for vegetarians).


Black River Shredded Cheese


BLACK RIVER CHEESE COMPANY’S new PREMIUM BLEND SHREDDED CHEESE is not just about convenience. In fact, it is mainly about great taste. Consisting of the finest blend of BLACK RIVER CHEESE’s classic OLD CHEDDAR and its smooth BRICK, this bag of premium shredded cheese is in a class of its own.

Whenever the need arises, this is the perfect solution for busy people on the go who want to create nutritious meals using flavourful cheese in a timely manner without the fuss and muss of having to grate. Whether making a tasty appetizer of stuffed mushroom caps or adding a bit of pizzazz to a baked potato or a great cheese sauce for vegetables or a main entree, this blend of cheese is great to have on hand.


Black River Shredded Cheese Nutrition Label