At Black River Cheese Company Ltd. it is all about "tickling" your taste buds when it comes to our selection of fine artisan cheese. Five very special cheddars - our renowned Maple Cheddar; our Garlic & Pepper Cheddar, our  Cheddar with Honey, our Goat Cheddar and most recently our Wine Cured Cheddar—are definitely "taste" highlights and a "must try" taste experience.

Our Maple Cheddar was launched as part of Prince Edward County's annual Maple fest more than eight years ago. It is made with pure maple syrup and maple sugar from Prince Edward County. It was a total hit! Originally, produced only for the festival, you, our customers were so emphatic about making this slightly sweet cheddar with just the right amount of "tang" available year that we happily complied and it is now one of our number one top selling cheddars thanks to all you Maple Cheddar lovers.

In 2011 we launched our Garlic & Pepper Cheddar as part of our 110th birthday celebration. For those who love a touch of spice and garlic, this is definitely a true treat. In 2013 we added something sweet, our Cheddar with Honey as well as something to please lovers of goat cheese—Goat Cheddar. In 2014 we launched our Wine Cured Cheddar—made with Prince Edward County wine of course—which quickly sold out at shows and started to win prizes.


It's brand new…and already a First Place Winner! Black River Cheese Company Ltd.'s new Wine Cured Cheddar has already taken home a 1st place award for excellence in cheese, and more importantly…in flavour. 
200g made with animal-free rennet


For goat cheese lovers we are pleased to bring you our Goat Cheddar! This cheese has the classic mild cheddar taste, with a slight goat "tang" in the finish.
200g made with animal-free rennet




When it comes to a totally unique cheddar, there are not enough superlatives to describe the superb flavour of BLACK RIVER CHEESE COMPANY LTD.'s Maple Cheddar.

A superior blend of medium-aged, fine artisan cheddar and Prince Edward County's pure maple syrup, this deliciously tantalizing cheddar sets one's taste buds alight. The savoury tones of the cheddar gently meld with the delicate sweetness of the maple syrup creating an almost ambrosial taste sensation - one that leaves you craving for more as it melts in your mouth.

Much like a premium aged cheddar in texture, our Maple Cheddar is definitely a crowd pleasing addition to any occasion with its special, sweet-savoury taste. Paired with a fine Chardonnay or as a bold contrast to a rich Shiraz, it makes for a delightful appetizer, one that will have your guests succumbing to its almost addictive flavour.

Often used by some of Canada's renowned chefs, this delightful cheddar lends itself to a wealth of culinary creativity. Take an old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich to new heights using Black River Cheese's Maple Cheddar, but just don't stop there! Put a new twist on Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine using a Maple Cheddar sauce in lieu of the traditional Hollandaise. Toss it into a Waldorf salad. Make cheese bread with it. Serve it with peach or apple pie. It's culinary uses are as great as your imagination!

200 g or 280 g made with animal-free rennet






It's time to spice up your life! If you love garlic, black pepper and cheese, then BLACK RIVER CHEESE COMPANY'S Garlic & Pepper Cheddar is a must try!


This flavourful cheddar with its subtle, savoury garlic undertone and peppery overtone flavour is definitely a crowd pleaser. A blend of these two spices gives a definite "kick" to a really smooth cheddar.


Whether you simply enjoy snacking on cheese and crackers or just want to spice things, this unique cheddar is a superb choice. Try livening up breakfast with our Garlic & Pepper Cheddar melted over a poached egg on a toasted ­English muffin or the next time you make quiche for a truly amazing taste experience.


200 g or 280 g made with animal-free rennet

Black River Cheddar with Honey


How Sweet It Is! For those who love "sweet and salty”, then BLACK RIVER CHEESE COMPANY’S newest addition to their family of Specialty Cheddars is another hit - Cheddar with Honey!

Offering just the right amount of honey sweetness in combination with their classic cheddar’s subtle saltiness, this delicious new cheddar will get everyone talking about its perfect "balance of flavour”.

BLACK RIVER CHEESE’s CHEDDAR WITH HONEY is a great appetizer for any special occasion when paired with wine and crudités but don’t just stop there! Whether teaming it up to make a sweet and savoury ham wrap or using it to create a decadent cheese danish, there is absolutely no end to what tasty dishes and baked goods that you can create using BLACK RIVER CHEESE’s CHEDDAR WITH HONEY.

200g made with animal-free rennet
Black River Cheedar with Honey Nutrition Label