Black River Fresh Curd

Fresh Curd

BLACK RIVER CHEESE’S Cheddar Cheese Curd is a delectable bag filled with unpressed curds used in the production of Black River Cheese’s mild cheddar.

These tasty little morsels of twisted cheddar curds are a great snack food and are popular for their smooth, mild flavour.

Renowned for its "squeak” against the teeth, it is used in the traditional French Canadian dish "Poutine”, where the curd is laid over French fries and then smothered with a rich, creamy gravy. Curd is also an excellent choice for tossing into a variety of salads, melted on top of fresh artisan breads or baked in a variety of casseroles. They can also be breaded and deep fried, or simply eaten straight out of the bag. Try making your own exotic poutine and enjoy!

Black River Garlic Curd

Garlic Curd

BLACK RIVER CHEESE’S Garlic Cheddar Cheese Curd is for Garlic Lovers everywhere!

For those who truly love garlic and want something to satiate their cravings, these wonderful swirls and twists of garlic curd are certain to delight their taste buds.

Along with their traditional "squeak” against the teeth, there is no end to what one can do to take these great tasting twirls of curd to new levels in the creation of flavourful dishes. Besides taking them to work/school for a healthy, nutritious snack, toss BLACK RIVER CHEESE’S GARLIC CURD into to any salad, liven up a wrap with that zap of garlic flavour, enhance a classic bruschetta or layer it in a meat loaf to add an extra element of flavour and surprise making the ordinary… extraordinary.

Black River Garlic and Pepper Curd

Garlic and Pepper Curd

There is nothing quite like BLACK RIVER CHEESE’S Cheddar  Garlic & Pepper Cheese Curds to tickle the taste buds.  From the production of Black River Cheese’s renowned Garlic & Pepper Cheddar, these tender, tantalizing curls of cheese curds are perfect for snacks for the entire family.  

Just like BLACK RIVER CHEESE’s regular cheese curds, their GARLIC & PEPPER CURD have the famous "squeak”.  They not only make for great fun with the kids but its wholesome goodness provides essential dietary elements for the maintenance of strong bones and teeth.  Besides snacking, making traditional French Canadian "Poutine” with a little more zest, dip BLACK RIVER CHEESE’s GARLIC & PEPPER CHEESE CURDS into a batch of beer batter, deep fry for just a minute and enjoy an amazing appetizer.  Your guests will love it! Don’t forget to spice up everyday salads with Black River Cheese Company’s CHEDDAR GARLIC & PEPPER CHEESE Curd!

Black River Garlic and Pepper Curd Nutrition Label
Black River Curry Curd

Curry Curd

It’s New! It’s Spicy! It’s Fabulous! BLACK RIVER CHEESE’S New Curry Cheddar Cheese Curds are just another wonderful choice for curd lovers.  Made with the finest East Asian Curry, these new curry curds are as unique as they are tasty.

The possibilities for culinary creations is endless taking the bland to the superb in flavour.  It is an excellent choice for tossing into a variety of salads, baked cheese scones and more.  Like BLACK RIVER’S other curd selections, this new curd can also be breaded and deep fried, or simply eaten straight out of the bag for a delicious snack.  

Black River Cheese Company’s new CURRY CHEDDAR CHEESE Curd is something that any true cheese lover should not miss!

Black River Curry Curd