Over the years, Black River Cheese Company Ltd. has diversified its cheese production and today offers a fine selection of American style mozzarella that you can use for a variety of dishes, appetizers and more.  Once again, using pure milk that is pasteurized, we produce plain mozzarella, including partially skim, as well as a fine selection of flavoured mozzarellas, both herb and spicy.  Whether for entertaining or cooking, there is something to tempt everyone's taste buds.


Black River Cheese Mozzarella



Known throughout the world as the "pizza cheese", BLACK RIVER  CHEESE COMPANY LTD.'s Mozzarella is an American style, fine artisan mozzarella which has been aged for about 2 months.  It has a firm, smooth texture with a mild buttery flavour which makes it perfect for pizza!

Whether you are into deluxe pizzas covered in pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms ... the works or simply great vegetarians ones, our classic Mozzarella is your best choice and makes for easy slicing without the "goo".

With its delicious butter flavour, our classic Mozzarella has plenty of character to enhance a variety of Italian and other main entrées.  

Black River Cheese Partly Skimmed Mozzarella




Whichever way you use it, BLACK RIVER CHEESE COMPANY  LTD.'s Partly Skim Mozzarella has a strong following, especially for those looking for extra light, creamy flavoured cheese.

This American Style mozzarella has a semi-firm, smooth texture and is a delightful addition to any casserole or fine, Italian classic entrées.  Grated, it makes for a great lasagna dish or topping on a great bowl of homemade onion soup!  Better yet, toss it cubed in a classic, mixed greens or spinach salad or use for your next cheese burger.  

Just don't stop there!  Add slices of our Mozzarella to your next cheese tray.  Its light, creamy taste goes great with a variety of crackers at any event that you need to please a variety of palates.

Black River Cheese Monterey Jack




BLACK RIVER CHEESE COMPANY LTD.'s Monterey Jack is  always a great cheese to have on hand whether it is for snacking or cooking.  It is a buttery, semi-firm cheese with a mildly tart, creamy flavor and a high moisture content. 

Our Monterey Jack is one phenomenal cheese to use in any Mexican and Spanish inspired cuisine; however, don't just stick to using it for tacos, nachos, burritos, enchiladas, etc.... This cheese also melts very well; therefore, it is wonderful for paninis or any other type of grilled sandwiches.  Try creating your own exotic, gourmet sandwich using fine artisan bread, filled with grilled veggies topped with our Monterey Jack and then grilled just enough to melt into the veggies... Mmmmmm!

Be daring!  Go ahead and use it in your next meal and see the smiles of delight you'll get when cooking with BLACK RIVER CHEESE's Monterey Jack.

A medium-soft, white cheese with a mild, sweet flavour.