Our classic line of artisan cheddar ranges from Fresh to Old. Aged from one day to 12 months depending on whether it is Fresh or Old cheddar, each of these classic types of cheddar offer an increasing level of tang or sharpness. Fresh Cheddar being only one day old is light tasting and the next best thing to eating our famous curd. It is a classic palate pleaser while Old Cheddar, which is only available at other grocery outlets, is definitely a step towards our Aged Cheddars with just the right amount of gentle, sharp flavour. Made from 100% pure pasteurized milk, this group of cheddars is the most complimentary to a variety of palates, especially children. 


Black River Cheese Fresh Cheddar




BLACK RIVER CHEESE's FRESH CHEDDAR is one step up from our famous fresh cheddar curds. Aged only one day, this Fresh Cheddar is as light and as smooth tasting as fresh curd but only in block form.

An excellent source of protein, our Fresh Cheddar is the perfect cheddar for families with young children who are being introduced to the great taste of cheddar. Without the strong tang of older, aged cheddars, this is a delicious cheese and an excellent choice for light, cheese sauces for vegetables, pastas dishes and casseroles.

It is also a wonderful cheese for school lunch sandwiches or as a nutritious, after school snack.



Black River Cheese Mild Cheddar



BLACK RIVER CHEESE's MILD CHEDDAR won the category for the BEST MILD CHEDDAR at the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix in 2011.

This award winning cheese is definitely a family favourite enjoyed by young and old alike. Aged for only three months, this semi-hard, mellow, milky cheddar is known for its smooth, almost creamy texture and mild flavour.

Without the normal sharp tang found in our older, naturally aged cheddar, our Mild Cheddar has an almost broth-like flavour with a mild tartness and slight saltiness which makes it a popular choice as a healthy after-school snack for the children, but just don't stop there! It is superb table cheese to use for grating or grilling and is an ideal choice for any festive occasion.



Black River Cheese Medium Cheddar



BLACK RIVER CHEESE's MEDIUM CHEDDAR has it all - smooth texture and great taste! It was a finalist in its category at the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix Competition 2011.

Like our Mild Cheddar, this medium cheddar has a smooth but marginally drier texture. Aged for only six months, unlike the sharpness found in older cheddars, it has a mildly, pleasant tang and simply melts in your mouth.

As a snack with crackers and fruit or in a sandwich, it is best served at room temperature which brings out its full flavour.

For that "perfect" cheese sauce or a delicious apple cheddar soup, our Medium Cheddar is the ideal choice. It also is the perfect ingredient in any recipe where its taste and quality will enhance any dish and makes for a great topping on casseroles.

Black River Cheese Old Cheddar




For some cheese lovers, the older the cheese the better the flavour which is definitely the case for BLACK RIVER CHEESE's OLD CHEDDAR. With just the right touch of tartness, this classic cheddar is aged for about ten months giving it a slight sharpness with a relatively smooth but slightly drier texture.

With its tart,nutty flavour, it will tempt the most discriminating palate. It is the perfect addition to sauces, au gratin dishes and the optimum choice for creating a delightfully, superb tasting cheese soufflé or cheese fondue.

Like all cheddars, it is highly recommended to serve our Old Cheddar at room temperature for at least 30 minutes in order to enjoy its full zesty flavour with a glass of wine, antipasto or fresh fruit.

Black River Cheese Marble



BLACK RIVER CHEESE's MARBLE cheese is a delightful blend of Black River Cheese's white mozzarella and orange cheddar curd. This colourful and mellow flavoured cheese is an all time Canadian classic - a favourite for all ages.

Its delicious, slightly tart flavour and creamy, smooth texture adds both colour and excitement to a weekday meal or served with fresh fruit and crackers for any special occasion.

Take a classic baked potato and make it spectacular by adding some of our shredded Marble cheese or cut some into julienne strips and simply toss it into a great Cobb salad. It's unbelievable the number of dishes you can create using this wonderful family favourite cheese.

You'll be amazed with the smiles of thanks you'll get as family and friends dive into flavourful snacks and meals created with our Marble cheese.