About Black River Cheese Co.

For more than one hundred and ten years, Black River Cheese has been firmly rooted in Prince Edward County. Of the original 26 cheese houses that once existed throughout The County, only Black River Cheese remains in operation today. Our success can be mainly attributed to the dedication of our local farmers in supplying the factory with excellent milk, the expertise of our cheese makers, and our owners' passionate dedication to producing only the finest quality, handcrafted cheese.


As a rural business, Black River Cheese has always placed great importance on being as natural as possible which has made the company somewhat unique in today's marketplace where mass production and the "bottom line" normally rule. From using only the best and purest of ingredients, including 100% pure Canadian milk, we naturally age all of our fine cheddars.  Nothing is "forced" or mass produced in order that we can ensure that our customers enjoy the taste of  "real" cheese - untainted by artificial preservatives and modified milk ingredients as well as being animal rennet free.

Over the past century, our marketing strategy has grown to include the establishment of both our own retail store and wholesale markets. Where other cheese factories have succumbed to the challenges made by government established such as health and safety regulations, pollution controls and more, Black River Cheese has faced them head on and overcome them with the same spirit of their founding fathers.  A fact duly noted in the company's recent history only several years ago. Having just celebrated our 100th birthday in June of 2001, the company experienced its greatest setback in October of that year.  A fire tore through the factory razing everything to the ground including our entire stock of cheese and our aged cheddars that were housed in the factory's cold storage facility.  With the huge outcry from the entire community and passionate cheese lovers from across the country, the company took on the challenge to rebuild. It was at this point the company could have chosen to modernize their production facility; however, staying true to their roots was more important.  As a result, they had to go as far as El Paso, Texas, before they could find the necessary open vats required to produce handcrafted cheese. Fortunately, it did not take the company long to bounce back stronger and more determined than ever to grow in the marketplace. 


Now, with the growing movement towards "all natural" foods, untainted by chemicals, etc, the demand for Black River Cheese's range of fine cheese products has grown exponentially since that devastating event.  In fact, it was only ten years later that we were awarded the perfect "present" to kick off our 110th birthday celebration. Having participated for the first time at the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix Event, the company received not only recognition for our Medium Cheddar as a finalist in its category but also the award for the Best Mild Cheddar in Canada, in April 2011.   Since having garnered national attention at this event from food experts, internationally renowned chefs and others, Black River Cheese has gained in stature as a major fine artisan cheese factory. Today, our products are found in major grocery chains, specialty food boutiques and emporiums as well as in health food stores across Ontario with demand growing daily. 

For more than a century, challenges have tested the mettle of this farmer-owned enterprise. Through it all, Black River Cheese has managed to survive the changing times with grace and determination.  As the company moves forward in its second century, we continue to look at ways to expand our production and our selection of fine artisan cheese for all to enjoy. Recognized as the "quaint, little cheese factory" with the big heart, we invite all cheese lovers, young and old, who enjoy the wholesome goodness and the superior taste of real cheese to find BLACK RIVER CHEESE at their local grocery store or deli and to ....