Press Release: 2014-09-08



PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY:  It's brand new and already a First Place Winner!  Having been launched just six weeks ago, the Black River Cheese Company Ltd.'s new Wine Cured Cheddar has already taken home a 1st place award for excellence in cheese, and more importantly in flavour.  

At last week's Belleville Annual Fall Fair, a contingent of judges awarded 1st Place to Black River Cheese's new Wine Cured Cheddar.  It was a last minute, proverbial "spur of the moment", entry. Even though it had only been out for a few weeks, the company wanted to showcase something totally unique amidst the traditional cheese entries and something totally "County".   The gamble paid off as the new Wine Cured Cheddar garnered the prize position of 1st in Show at the fair's annual Cheese Competition.

"With Prince Edward County wines garnering such a great reputation in the market, it was only a natural "pairing" of County wine with our naturally aged cheddar to create this new wine cured cheddar." states Doug Peters, General Manager and Master Cheese Maker. "It's the robust county wine we've used which creates such a uniquely flavoured cheddar that is now flying off the shelves faster than we anticipated."  A case in point was when their sales team sold out of their supply of Wine Cured Cheddar by the end of the second day at the CNE in August.

As the former cheese maker at Balderson Cheese Company, Peters is the driving force behind the company's young team of cheese makers, Matt Creasy and Todd Payne. "Although we are using the same century old tradition of cheese making, we are expanding our selection of cheese with innovative flavours that today's consumers want," continues Peters.  "We are looking to brand Black River Cheese as a cutting-edge cheese producer of fine artisan cheese with a superb selection of unique, specialty flavours that will be unsurpassed in the marketplace."

With the highly successful track record of the company's unique Maple Cheddar, Honey Cheddar and Garlic & Pepper Cheddar, Black River Cheese's new Wine Cured Cheddar is a continuation of management's forward thinking strategy working in conjunction with the dynamic creativity of their cheese making team.   Three weeks ago, company launched another new kind of cheese, their first Havarti  under the name "Sizzling Hot Havarti" and already it is proving to be another "hot" seller.  With more new kinds of cheese and exciting new flavours planned for the future, the Black River Cheese Company Ltd. is determined to become one of Canada's most innovative cheese producers of fine artisan cheese and their new Wine Cured Cheddar is a testament to their ongoing efforts to simply do just that.